Widowmaker (Part one) - Public release

You thought we're gonna leave you without a Christmas present? Ha, never!

The biggest update ever to be released for our game IS HERE! And yes, I'm gonna use these dramatic statements to advertise the hell out of this release, you can't stop me! But for real, this is one hell of an update. We did put a lot of work to make sure you're getting the best possible story for one of the most requested characters. Not only it's a sizable addition to the game's narrative, we also expanded the Academy itself (a little), updated designs for characters that were long overdue to be visually improved, and made sure you won't get left out without some sweet new h-content.

So, basically, it's our magnum opus as far as updates go. At least story-wise. Don't expect anything this big again anytime soon, we want to get back to scheduled monthly releases.

But now let's celebrate! You have no idea how long we waited to finally release it. Merry Lewdmas and Happy New Year!


> https://youngnaughty.net/downloads/

Changes since closed beta:
- Fixed some route-breaking bugs and occasional error messages during dialogues.
- Fixed missing sprite errors.
- Fixed typos.
- Added night version of shooting range.


> https://twitter.com/young8naughty

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