Wiener Schnitzel

I love to cook. I have always thought I was

a pretty good cook. Not just because I used to cook professionally –

but more importantly as a hobby. And if you look at my pictures you will

know I love to eat. I used to work for Williams-Sonoma, back in the

early and mid 1980’s. Most of my kitchen (that I brought with me) is

from the early 80’s. Quality products are an investment and should last

most of your lifetime. Anyway…. Chuck Williams was coming to our store

for dinner. Everyone at the store was going to cook one dish. Since I

was just the stock boy I thought I was safe. Wrong! I told the manager I

had no idea what to cook for a man that hangs out with chefs like James

Beard. She said I should make my Scottish shortbread. I was not

convinced it was a good idea but could think of nothing else to make.

Well, long story short he loved my shortbread and asked for the recipe. I

laughed and said it was on the recipe cards downstairs – it was his

recipe! He said his never turned out so good and we discussed, at

length, what my method was. So Chuck Williams said I was a good cook. My

wife, is not so easily impressed.