Waiting for the bus outside Watermans, I heard one mum say warily to another, “That show dealt with quite adult themes”. But WiLd! reminded me of being at primary school, and of the disruptive troublemaker in my year who was let out of lessons to attend ‘special’ classes, was occasionally suspended (and eventually excluded), and who I would occasionally catch taking tablets at break time. It gave me a better understanding of what life must have been like for him as a child with ADHD – the frustration as he struggled to understand why his brain acted differently, and loneliness as some of his classmates (often encouraged by their parents) tried to steer clear. I never knew much about his home life, but WiLd! explores the possible impact a diagnosis can have – in the production, it is the catalyst for family breakdown. So the show doesn’t deal with ‘adult’ themes, but complex themes that many young people will recognize and come into contact with. Once again, tutti frutti has produced a piece of new writing that sensitively and intelligently taps into the issues actually concerning and affecting its audience.

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