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The Wilderness
Well that took a while. In several ways.

First, this project has been something I've wanted to do for nearly a decade now - a Line Rider scenery track with a forest/jungle theme. This dream of mine dates back to early 2007, when I was running the Line Rider "clan", the MacApples (this was back when tracks made on different operating systems weren't compatible, so it was a clan of Mac users). We tried and failed to draw some jungle scenery and realized that it was, well, super difficult!

Second, this project specifically was started way back in May 2013. It was originally the staff's project for the Epic Battle 3 on We Ride the Lines, but the project died after Wolf_Spirit's scenery part. In August 2014 I revived it as a community collaboration project, and a few people made more scenery but the project eventually died again. So in summer 2016, I resolved to finish the rest of it on my own (and eventually I did!)

Thirdly, it took a long time for me to get into gear to finish the project. When I took it over, I erased a lot of stuff that I didn't think fit, and then adjusted and touched up and redid most of the rest. It was a while before I was "caught back up" which made it tough to find motivation. I originally hoped to finish this in August or September but I didn't really get going on the project until the start of this month.

And lastly, it just took a long damn time to draw. Forest/jungle scenery is hard, I'm working on a trackpad, and I have perfectionist tendencies and a mind that likes neatness and geometric shapes, so in the end I spent upwards of 80 hours on this thing.

But that's the other big reason I wanted to do this project. I wanted to push myself to get better something that I've always struggled with - organic scenery. And while I don't know if I'll ever be able to draw trees as well as TechDawg or Commandercoke, I definitely improved - in my opinion some of the best bits were stuff I made last, which is a really great feeling.

I know many of you pledged after seeing This Will Destroy You, and this might not be exactly what you expected my next release to be. Thanks for sticking with me, and never fear, my next project is much heavier on the music visualization and much lighter on the detailed scenery :)

One more thing - I want to give a shoutout to my patron David Lu (Conundrumer) for making Line Rider JavaScript, the version I did most of the work in, and for merging the project save files back in June 2016. Also thanks to my patron Seth Chapman (OTDE) for doing some scenery and some sketches on this project in August 2016. Now that we're all caught up on my paying collaborators wishlist, if all goes well I'm be sending money to them, along with others involved with this project, next month!

Long live Line Rider!
- Ben / Rabid

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