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Ravenous wolves

Thirsting for flesh

Looking to destroy peace

Wanting to take what is left

You can't be open

You can't share your plans

They will come for you

With their knives in their hands

Ripping and tearing

Everything you worked for

But Jesus allowed

My enemies to drag me on the floor

I have failed in front of them

But in front of them I will rise

As a soldier of Christ

Not a care of their despise

My own husband and mother

Joined in on the attack

Why not, everyone else did too

"Come on, let's do it behind her back!"

Being targetted like this

Has taught me so much

How no man can be trusted

And no man my soul can touch

Our souls are an oyster

And Jesus is the pearl

He fits inside just right

So we'll endure this world

The amount of pain people have

Caused me is by far uncountable

Encounters of jealous rages

And hatred insurmountable

So I will continue to endure with Christ alone

And learn the lesson of my life

To keep my eyes fixed on Jesus

And know in sin we pay our price