In most modern tarot decks, the ninth card of the Major Arcana is the Hermit. Shown with a staff and holding a lamp, this card represents introspection, searching, guidance, and solitude.

For the SCA Tarot I have chosen to replace the hermit with the Wildman. Also known as a Wodewose, the Wildman can be found in medieval and renaissance art where he is depicted as a man covered in hair, often with leaves on his head and around his loins, and sometimes bearing a staff or club. While its origins in Europe may derive from the satyr or faun, or from the Roman god of the forest Silvanus, there is another connotation which holds more significance for the Kingdom of the West; the Sasquatch.

My representation of the Wildman is based on those from medieval sources,  but I have given him the large feet of the Bigfoot, with which he is trampling upon a serpent while fending off its fangs with his staff. The wilderness backdrop can represent the solitude of the Hermit, but further symbolism is left open for interpretation.