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Will Black w/ Tim Deaton - Trace Your Tattoo (OPS Live @ Hog Penny Pub Jun 27, 2014)

Last Friday night I celebrated Canada NIght at Hog Penny Pub here in Bermuda and was joined by both Tim Deaton and Afsha Queen Bee from the OPS! Yup, they both flew in from North America to join me for our inaugural Will Black OPS Escape Event over the weekend.

Things continued on with an ALL-DAY beach party at Warwick Long Bay with 500 fellow party peeps celebrating Canada Day on Saturday, followed by a performance from my band Voodoo Wahoo back at Hog Penny that night... Sunday was all about #BreakingBlack - thank you Jimmy Strange and Cora (who got sold!)

Anyway, Tim jumped up out of the crowd and stood fast on his promise to sing the Jenn Taylor parts on Trace Your Tattoo if he ever made it to Hog Penny - yup, he did and he knocked out of the park... Wisconsinibly!

* Thank you to all the patrons whose contributions made this rock and roll music video creation a reality!