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Will Black with Jenn Taylor - Holy Love (Live at The Central, Toronto Nov. 14, 2013)

This was the first night of my first original tour... ever. I had literally just got off the plane in Toronto and got to the venue and started the show - nerves were flying aplenty!

This song was the big ballad off my record "Dangerously Close" and also one of the songs that Jenn sang with me on for the album too. I hit the song a little harder than I planned to, but I really liked the energy we got behind this one, so it made the cut for my very first Patreon music video.

Thankfully she was there to join me in the genesis of this special night (with her skull shaker and all). It was the first time that Jenn and I had performed together since she was performing full-time in Bermuda back in 2007 - too long!

*Thank you to all the patrons whose contributions made this rock music video creation a reality!