Will Gun Control work???
Episode 899  After every major mass shooting incident in America, the drums start beating about gun control. The argument goes something like this, if we had less guns there would be less gun violence.  Or the 2nd amendment is out dated and needs to be repealed!!!

 Guns are amoral, they can't operate without human interaction.  No matter how long you leave a gun sitting around, it will never kill someone period!!!   People who are mad about people being killed by guns and want to outlaw guns, are not made about drunk drivers.  So far in 2017 there have been 11,764 deaths by guns and 25,705 deaths do to drunk driving.  Should be ban cars because some folks use them as weapons?  Using gun control logic the answer would be yes.

 The problem is not the gun, it's the user behind the gun.  WND compiled a Big list of drug-induced killers  and it is an eye opener.  So instead of going off in an emotional rant every time a major mass shooting happens, take a couple of seconds and remember that guns don't kill people by themselves!!!

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