Will there be changes to season 1?
No. I will however be adding a small message to each episode urging listeners to consider pledging on Patreon, and to share the show. I don't want to be cumbersome, but ads are cumbersome, and I don't want to run commercials. I won't. So, Patreon it is! There are some things I would like to change (Continuity errors, cutting out pauses etc) but thanks to a drive failure, I do not have the original files. So they will essentially be the same episodes that ran the first time around. I want to say that without the help of Tony Spears, Patrick Duffy, Vru Patel, Christopher Ball, and Adam Mulholland this show would not be what it is today. Thank you all for your efforts and I hope you understand and enjoy as I shape Season 2. Thank you. There will be an update on the progress of season 2 tomorrow.