Will this help you grow your channel and monetization?
Hey patrons! On Tuesday I launched a weekly live show on my channel called Video Entrepreneurs. It's a show where real full-time YouTubers discuss issues in their businesses and we help each other come up (and you!) with ideas and answers that will move their channel’s business forward.

The reason I'm sharing this with you because I really want to hear your honest feedback about the show. I realize we're only 1 episode into a season of 12, but if there's anything I should switch up a bit, I'd rather do that now than at episode 8, ya know? Comment below with your feedback.

You can watch the video replay here (with some of the technical issues cut out thanks to the YouTube Editor haha) or you can listed to the podcast version from one of the links below.

The podcast version contains the audio from the live stream, plus some further commentary from me at the beginning and the end.

Listen to Video Entrepreneurs On-The-Go

Also, join us LIVE every Tuesday for 12 weeks at 11:30am EST on the Video Creators channel! This week Evan is in the hotseat.

Thanks for your input, everyone!!

- Tim