The Willow Tree Tire Swing
I remembered to put my pocket notebook in my pocket the other morning before getting on the ladders. We are working on a mid-century brick home above Balch Creek right now. We are surrounded by maples and alders, rhodies, and a big willow with a mesh-platform tire swing. 

Ilan found white primer splashed over a corner he'd just sprayed brown. The perpetrator, high on a ladder to my right, apologized. Ilan took the opportunity to chill out for a moment on the tire swing. I took the opportunity to make a note about it. I was already backwards on my ladder, in a good, if unstable, viewing position. 

I made the watercolor and ink drawing in my notebook the next morning before returning to work. This time of year it is too cool and damp to start masking or painting a house before ten. Mornings leave me time for a little studio work and even a 45 minute walk to Ilan's for carpooling.

Please don't use my notes as a guide to building a similar tire swing. They are not accurate; there should be a couple circle passes of green cord before the grid actually begins. 

I mentioned the house sits next to a gully above Balch Creek. Yes, Lafe Pence's Balch Creek, the Tualatin Ridge Balch Creek. It absolutely applies to my ongoing studio projects. I hope to get a couple more paintings done up here before this, our last exterior of the year, ends and I have to find another line of work. 

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