Win a tea-and-advice date with the Story Nurse!
Dear friends,

Con or Bust is a wonderful organization that helps people of color attend SF/F conventions. Every year, they run an auction to fund their efforts. This year I'm donating FOUR tea-and-advice chats:

Bidding starts at $50 and the top four bids all win! If you're not geographically near me, no problem: we can chat over the instant message or internet phone service of your choice. And if we can meet up in person, I'll take you out to tea in addition to giving you a heap of personalized, detailed advice about writing, publishing, convention organizing, and anything else I know anything else about.

The other items up for auction include an amazing assortment of books (including review copies, autographed books, and rare editions), clothes, art objects, and writing-related services such as novel critiques. And it all goes to help a really good cause. So please check it out, place a few bids, and spread the word.


Story Nurse