Winding Down Jigsaw Fantasy
Synopsis: Next month's release (Serrik) is coming - but there will be no vote in February, and the Patreon will probably go on pause before the start of March.

The time has come for us to let Jigsaw Fantasy rest.

We've discussed with you previously our plans for rebranding this year, but obviously we haven't been able to implement them all yet - and until we can we're going to be winding down the Patreon project.

The reasons for this decision are twofold - one good and one bad: 

First, the bad news - we've lost $17 of backing over the last two months, almost a quarter of our total income from the project. This proves that we can't coast forward until the rebrand.

Second, the good - Next month, likely on Feb 20th, we plan to launch Sci-Fi Concept Cards on Kickstarter. By wrapping up Jigsaw until after the project (and bringing it back rebranded) we can concentrate our full efforts on that.

P.S. We hope you'll stick around for the next month, and we'll make sure that you aren't charged for March by putting the project on pause before the payment date.

On another note: As we'll be coming back from Sci-Fi Concept Cards when we rebrand, would any of you like to see us doing Sci-Fi Patreon Pieces?

And what can we improve about the project when we relaunch?