This is the piece of digital art that I created to accompany my Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for April 15th, 2017.  Or more accurately, I created it alongside some other piece that I've since forgotten and already used, and left this one to languish in my "in progress" file until today when I was cleaning up the file and realized that this image hadn't yet seen the light of day. 

That's one of the dangers when I get excited about making images - I take tons of photographs and make numerous different photomanipulations of them, or scrawl sketches and design ideas, costume ideas, fabrics pinned together to be assembled into concoctions that then get lost in the flood of more ideas.  If I was the sort of artist who could progress in a linear mode from one idea to the next and stay focused on each project until the end no doubt I'd have a lot more published work.  But inspiration and creation doesn't emerge from me in nice, defined, tidy batches.  It pours out of me at a torrential pace that I cannot possibly keep up with, and most of the time I'm just hanging onto random semi-solid bits for dear life, hoping to make sense of at least some small portion of it.