Windows 10 Anniversary update
Some of you guys might have had the Win10 Anniversary update which appears to have caused some (more) issues with RPG Maker MV.

I was experiencing crashes when playtesting MV projects (including fresh ones) for prolonged periods or reproducing it by opening and closing the in-game menu many times in quick succession. These crashes were related to WebGL, which appears to have changed or broken somehow in the Win10 update.

I have an NVidia graphics card and today a new driver became available to download and after doing more tests, this appears to have stopped the crashes! Time to party? Not quite... Instead of crashing it appears to lock up the game for 5 or so seconds before continuing. This still isn't good but it's a step in the right direction being better than a crash.

I am unsure about other video cards and if they also have drivers available to do the same. Would be great to know if anyone else is experiencing similar issues and what graphics cards or windows versions they have.