Windows down 2018
I spent 5 hours to reinstall the Windows already.

Everytime I try to install display card driver and Tablet driver , etc.

It crashes.

Do you want to repair windows?

Repair > Loop back to initial status

Not repair > Keep crash


When I am typing this message. I install the same NOD 4th times already.

And I remember everytime I install Adobe set. That need 1-2 hours too...

I hope my PC can work properly at tonight :/


Reinstalled again. It crashed like crazy... 15:00 to 20:11... nothing done.


Display card drive crash liked crazy. 

Yea. If I just do document work. This PC work fine. But once I install ATI drive. It crashes.

No ATI driver my tablet screen don't work. I don't need to try Wacom drive in this case...

I don't know is my display card going to die... :/


It runs! After 11 hours long running. It finally works.

I hope it can runs properly tomorrow too ^^

And... I still need to install back some software which I often use.

09May 16:18

I think the problem is the CPU fan fully dust . After I pick it up. 


I think that isn't really possible for dry cleaning in this case.

And now I waiting for dry. I use my sub PC for typing this message...