Windows Update
So Windows updated on me -- after postponing it for so long. I stopped the service several times, removing it from automatic startup (and disabling the service), but it still came back. When it did, all of my files were *moved*, which includes all of my user settings, and my login was replaced with a fresh boot.

While my files were not deleted, and everything appears unharmed, I really feel that Microsoft has violated my rights as a user, and have also violated the files contained on my system.

I had to robocopy my old files over to my new user folder. Before doing so, I did test a few things -- and got to see how a lot of my project stuff works on a fresh boot. This gave me the opportunity to do some debugging. My dialogue engine had some bugs that needed squashing, and that's just what I did. I also added some further functionality, which I will be expanding on in the future.