Wingborn Wednesday!

Instead of a Weekly Wednesday post today I give you a whole book!

Wingborn is the first of the Wingborn series, set in a Regency-esque world, which also happens to have been cursed and covered in clouds leaving only mountain islands in a sea of white. It has giant talking eagles and people who fly on them. They're known as Rift Riders and they've just accepted women back into their ranks for the first time in over a hundred years. This book follows the adventures of one girl and her bid to join them, along with assorted other friends and characters.

A proper blurb can be found on the Wingborn Links page, where you will also, unsurprisingly, find all the chapter links. If you'd rather bypass all of that and head straight to the beginning, go right ahead.

Or, if you prefer not to read online, you can always download a free ebook copy from every major ebook retailer, barring one (Amazon). More info about that can be found on my website.

As this is a book I've made free pretty much everywhere I can, I won't be taking it down any time soon. So enjoy at your leisure. The rest of the series will follow for my Patrons from January next year -- or you can buy books 2-4 right now.

Happy reading!