Winged Wheel Podcast Pre-Episode Thread - Questions, Comments, and Parade Route Planning
As patrons of the Winged Wheel Podcast, you can comment here and have your question be read out on the show! 

We'll be doing the usual skimming of our main thread, however we'll be dedicating time specifically to our Patreon page as a way of saying thanks for your support! 

At the end of each episode, we run a segment called Overtime, where we go through questions, discussion topics, and anything else posed to us through this Reddit post, Facebook, and Twitter. Ask or suggest anything and everything that comes to mind, hockey-related or completely off-topic! Seriously. We love hockey questions, but we love non-hockey questions as well. Mix it up, test us, have some fun with it.

Also, please feel free to suggest any discussion topics you'd like to hear us cover in the main body of the show! If you haven't listened to last week's episode yet, you should totally click here and here to check it out,  or scroll down and see our previous posts!

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