Sandra Mosher is the winner.

weeeeeeeeeee ty so much for being awesome

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Chalkmaster Pictures and Videos
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Check out my pictures and Watch videos i make of all sorts, dancerpainting, sillyness, art tips, more sillyness and special momets of the festivals and events i do each season
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When you donate just $5.00 a month you receive access to  large digital files  of my art pieces. You can download them and print them or use them as wallpapers or turn it into a blanket and cuddle.
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When you donate $10 a month you have your name entered in a monthly draw to receive a free  painting from me as well as access to the digital files for you to use as a wallpaper or print or maybe you want to make yourself some pretty coasters with my image to give to your mom...thats so nice of you.
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