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Winner Announcement: The Fake News Real Fiction Award
Hi everyone,

The Winner Announcement is up now. Will it be the rock and roll drama of Jeanette Stampone's The Camera Never Lies or Ian Harrison's country and western biopic It Takes All Kinds? 

Perhaps it will be the lengthily titled "Language assistant had breakdown despite school saying is "quick and easy"" by Mhari Campell, or the intriguingly named "Journalist Commits Suicide" by Joey To. 

Or maybe it will be Samantha Lee's dystopian "News of The State", or the tongue in cheek political satire of Ash Warren's "The Invasion of Canada". 

Either way, without your help we couldn't make this initiative possible. So thank you for your incredible donations. All proceeds will be split among the authors, giving them just a little bit more encouragement to keep writing. 

Find out who won at the link below:

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