What a busy day today! HUGE load of goodies to be shipped off to new collectors and now for the two lucky souls who won the draw for us reaching 70 patrons!!

I printed out ALL of your names and then cut them up and put them in a wee box... then I asked Matt to pull out two names. The first one is Michelle AKA Wolfskulljack! She wins the lovely tree dragon. The second is Christina AKA DundalkChild who wins the print of the unicorn. Massive congrats to you both. I won't be doing another large giveaway on Patreon until we reach 100 patrons... then I will see if I can make it a bigger prize, maybe more prints and possibly more than one original, we will see! 

Congratulations to Michelle and Christina! YAY!

Off to the post now with all Wizard level rewards, these guys and some originals which I've just sold on Etsy... going to have to hurry up and make more art to sell at this rate! Thank you all so much for all your amazing support. 

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