Winners! Winners Everywhere! xD
Sketch Raffle Week #9 Winner is... G'azih!! Congrats!

The second milestone has been unlocked so there will be two winners for the Free Commission Raffle. You get a free commission worth $50 USD from me. So that can be a waist-up commission, or a totally decked out chibi, or even something completely new that's not already part of my commission list. It's just gotta add up to $50 worth. Lots of possibilities! xD

So without further ado, the winners of this month's free commission raffle are...

Skye and Ilwe'ran! Congrats you two!!  

All three of you, send me an email with your idea(s)/screencaps for the sketch/commissions! 

My goal is to finish these before the end of the month this time. *runs off to go finish Alex's for last month*


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