Winter 2021 Updates

Feb 1, 2021

Greetings! We have a MASSIVE seasonal update for you today, covering everything you need to know from the Community, Podcast, and Publishing sides of The Gauntlet. 

Before we dive into those updates, please note that Patreon Messages is currently a mess, and has been for weeks. Missing messages, dozens of messages being marked unread, messages with the wrong recipients—and more—are all problems we have been dealing with lately. If you have sent us a message on Patreon and haven't heard from us, this is most likely why. Until Patreon sorts it out, please use Slack or Discord if you need to ask us something, or send an email to [email protected]

Ok, now for the updates. Grab a snack, it's a lot...

Community Updates

Gauntlet Community Open Gaming - Registration Opens Tomorrow 

Registration for our next Gauntlet Community Open Gaming event begins Feb 1st at Noon Eastern. We have 33 sessions on the calendar at the moment. This free online convention is happening the last weekend of February. Come and play with us! If you know folks interested in dipping their toes into online gaming, this is a great opportunity. Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG for more details. 

New website features

Along with the changes to some of the logos and branding, we’ve added a few new things to the Gauntlet website. We now have easy to scan episode lists for all of our podcasts. ( We’ve also added an improved resource page for online gaming. That includes links to our constantly growing play-aids folder, managed by Gerrit. ( We’ve also updated our guide for playing with The Gauntlet (

The Gauntlet Blog

One of our goals is to have new weekly content on the Gauntlet Blog in addition to our Friday roundup. This month has seen a piece by Darren on Mecha in Trophy Gold and two articles from Jason on his work with Brindlewood Bay and The Between. We’re hoping for more designer diaries, especially with ZineQuest 3 coming up. We’d love to get more voices on there, so if you have a pitch contact us at [email protected].

The Gauntlet on Facebook, Twitter, and Slack

If you’re on Facebook follow our group at We’re doing daily announcements there as well as Twitter @gauntletrpg . Reminder that all Patrons as well as anyone who plays with us (on the regular Gauntlet Calendar or at a GCOG event) is eligible to join the Gauntlet Slack. It focuses on discussion of games being played on the calendar: how things have gone, ideas for future games, advice for GMs, etc. If you meet the requirements and need access to the Slack, send us an email at [email protected] 

Podcast Updates

The Gauntlet Podcast

The Gauntlet Podcast is entering its 7th year! If you haven’t already caught them, please check out our two special episodes: our Favorite Games of 2020 show featuring multiple community members, and our interview with Rich Rogers on how to edit audio and podcasts. You can check the full list of episodes here:

+1 Forward

+1 Forward is going strong. Rich and Rach will be introducing a new type of episode this year, "Take an Advance On..." These roundtable discussion episodes will features expert MCs and players focusing on advice and tips for a single PbtA game. 

Fear of a Black Dragon

FoaBD begins its 2021 season by looking at The Bruja, The Beast, and The Barrow, available now in the feed. Jason is doing something different this year by making his gameplay sessions available on his YouTube channel in a special playlist. You can find his run of The Bruja there, plus The Death Ziggurat. 

The Trophy Podcast

If you haven't had a chance to check out The Trophy Podcast, you should definitely do so. The official Trophy Dark and Trophy Gold actual play series are located there, plus a discussion show (modeled after the Discern Realities podcast) called The Sixth Ring. Take a listen here.  

Publishing Updates

Codex - Starlight 2 is coming

Our next issue of Codex, Starlight 2, will be out in February. Starlight 2 is the biggest issue we have ever produced, and is particularly special for fans of our old Dungeon World podcast, Discern Realities. This issue features a Trophy Gold rework of our classic dungeon The Temple of the Peerless Star, originally featured in Codex - Starlight and the short actual play segments on Discern Realities. Discern Realities co-host David will also have a brand-new game in Starlight 2's pages, Snipe Hunt, a kids-on-bikes game mechanically-inspired by Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne. Starlight 2 will feature a second standalone game, Bed, Breakfast, & Beyond, a game set in the town of Brindlewood Bay, about an elderly gay couple who run a BnB and are trying to figure out why guests keep disappearing from Room 3. 

Join the Gauntlet Publishing Discord and the Trophy Discord

We have two terrific, active Discord servers, one for Trophy RPG, and one for Gauntlet Publishing at large. These spaces are great for discussing all the games coming from Gauntlet Publishing, as well as third party publications connected to our games. The Gauntlet Publishing Discord can be found here. The Trophy Discord can be found here. 

The Between is almost here! 

The Between, a game of Victorian-era monster hunters inspired by Penny Dreadful and British horror classics, is set to release in the Patreon feed around April/May timeframe. We've been working on this game for awhile, and we think it's going to be your new gaming obsession when it releases. Jason recently wrote a blog post about the design process and how the game is mechanically connected to our beloved Brindlewood Bay. To follow The Between's development and get regular previews of the game until it releases, join The Gauntlet Publishing Discord (linked above). 

Trophy is now available for preorder

The Trophy RPG is now available for preorder. Follow our updates on KS and join the Discord to keep up-to-date on everything going on in the world of Trophy. Below are a few previews of Jesse's art to get you excited. 

Hearts of Wulin

Layout is complete for Hearts of Wulin. We are just doing a careful pass over the PDF before we release it to backers and send it out for printing. We're very excited to get this game of wuxia melodrama in your hands! You have a few days left to preorder! 

Gauntlet Publishing and ZineQuest 3

ZineQuest 3 is almost here! The Gauntlet doesn't have any projects going up for ZineQuest, but there are lots of Brindlewood Bay and Trophy-related third party projects going up. Follow us on Twitter @CodexRPG and @TrophyRPG for updates on these ZQ3 projects. Below are a few  to look forward to...

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