Winter Belt Promo Art
Alas, the Winter Belt full length novel was not meant to be. I am very grateful to the handful of you who upped your patronage to show you wanted it, but I'm okay with this result.  I've always wanted to grow slowly, adding a few patrons for a few dollars every month. I still think that's the way to long term success as a patron-supported writer. 

If you've upped your support to the $10 mark, we'll talk soon. 

The flanking images in this post were based on concept art from an offline MMO called godsandidols, which eerily capture two key elements from the storyline for 'The Winter Belt' exactly! The middle image atop this post and attached below is a rough draft from a series of works I was commissioning to be released along with the story.

While the full length novel is shelved, I've got plans to release parts of the story and some of that art as monthly rewards at the $5 patron level. There's never a shortage of good stories to tell in Farlost or my other worlds, but I've got a real fondness for the crazy that's happening in the Winter Belt, and have to share at least some of it with you!

See you next week!