I'm currently on a social media winter break (you can read more about it here). 

I've tried several times today to write a Patreon update to share what I've been doing while I'm away, what new insights have been coming forward and what questions I've been sitting with around my work as a writer.

But every time I try to write, it feels like walking through a thick fog. I don't have the words right now. Especially not elegant or eloquent words. And I don't have the desire to explain myself or my process. Not yet anyway. Right now, I'm just listening in the dark. And any attempts to write words that others will read feels like an uphill struggle.

So instead, here's a short list of what I've been doing while I'm away:

- Reading (remembered rapture by bell hooks)

- Watching (videos from The New School)

- Listening (to Janet Mock's podcast Never Before)

- Thinking (about writing for the white gaze, what it means to be a black female voice, my vision for change in my industry, my love for the craft and art of writing, the writing lineage that I belong to (black, female, essayists and poets, who write with passion about social justice, spirituality, feminism, leadership and creativity), and the ways in which my work at Wild Mystic Woman wants to evolve over the coming months)

I look forward to coming back with some more words when the fog has cleared, and the writing flows more easily from my fingers.

Layla xo