Winter EDC Transition
Hey all,

Weather is getting quite cool for most of us in the northern hemisphere and that means different clothing. As an everyday carrier, it means having to defeat different kinds and different layers of clothing that likely hang on us differently than in warmer months when going for our concealed pistol. 

Doing this and getting used to it requires dedicated practice that I urge you not to neglect. Spend time every day with a cleared gun in your holster practicing your concealed-carry draw and even your open-carry draw if that's how you roll. In addition to this daily dry practice, get lots of reps at the range in live-fire practice drawing from under these additional and different clothing layers. 

Remember that each shirt and jacket and coat and combinations thereof are different from all the others. Each responds differently to your clearing technique. Learn the particular idiosyncrasies of each so that you're good to go at a moment's notice when it counts. Learn to adapt your clearing technique to each kind of and combination of clothing layers.

Each day when you get dressed, perform the same ritual: execute at least 3 draws from concealment to confirm that you know your path to your gun quickly and surely. 

I say again: every day; every combination of clothing and layers. Training works and not training works to undue everything you've built. Be smart and be responsible.