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Winter is Coming.

That's patch 9 live! There will be another patch on the 7th of July that contains and makes live the Frozen Factory Expansion.

Just to let you know, I've listened to your feedback, and the Frozen Factory skins have been made available to you.  You won't get the Bling skin or an indication you own the DLC on the main menu tho.

Once Frozen Factory goes live, I'll be starting work on the Adventures Pack; Patreons will get immediate access to this. Sky Islands, All-Ore and Realistic Ceilings are all planned to be there!

Thank you again for your support. I will be continuing to hammer the progression out on the Patreon dedicated server - ensuring that network play is smooth is high on my priority list (as ever).

New Patreon? I'll be sending out keys when the billing cycle happens, which is probably gonna be this weekend. When you get a notification, bung me a private message ON PATREON and I'll deal with them as soon as I can!