Winter Soldier
WOO another one DOOOWWWNNN! Only a few more to go for this series until another hiatus with these portraits. Going off of memory, I believe Sif, Pepper, and Ultron are left? (Ugh, not looking forward to Ultron ;o; But I did Loki, so it's only fair. Plus I've done Iron Man in his suit, so...I've made it through hell before :D)

My white gel pen doesn't work anymore, so I couldn't do highlights how I wanted. I tried acrylic paint (with a giant toothpick like thing XD) and that didn't work either. I ended up using Photoshop for a few touch-ups. I really need to get a new white gel pen. It's lasted me YEARS though, so tots worth the money.

Full video will be up Thursday the 14th! :) Not sure if I'll do a focus point/mini-tut video for this one, I can't think of any topics, unfortunately :/

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