Winter Solstice 2016 - Shine your light!

Greetings, Blessings and a Joyous Solstice to you all!

As 2016 is nearing is close we are given time to reflect on the events of the past year and our aspirations for the year ahead. Breathing into the present moment we can feel that the whole world is going through a transformation and for today we will transform with it!

The lesson is to learn how to love, and if there was one thing that humanity needs right now it would be more love. A team of sociologists from the University of California listed this holiday season as the deadliest time of year and more acts of hatred, violence and fear are committed during this time than any other, the Sahara desert even got snow (articles below)! This post is a reminder to our loving spirit family to keep your light strong and shine your love to all life to help those in need. 

Join us today in meditation! Rest your breath and find the part of your heart that holds love for all creation, become that love. As you breathe, radiate your light and love to every corner of the earth shining peace and compassion to all so we may share in the infinite universal love together!

Remember, if ever you are feeling the stress of the season, take a moment and breathe deeply. Breathe into the light that exists within you and watch it grow! Fill yourself with internal love so strong that it spreads and touches the hearts of everyone around you!

We are with you are hold overflowing love for you all!

The Spirit Studios Team

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