Hello patrons! Here’s hoping for a great 2018 for all of you!
I’m excited to have my art time focused again on fairy tales. I’ve been working digitally, and while that has benefits for commercial work (easy editing!) its been cathartic to open up my paints and brushes and get back to paper.
The hen’s tale is very close to completion, so much so that I won’t be sharing it again until it’s been scanned. In the meantime, so you all know that I’m alive and working and haven’t totally forgotten you all, I’m posting some progress on the reindeer’s tale. It has far to go, but an evening’s work has brought some character into the face and defined the color scheme.
The story takes us from summer into winter and daylight into twilight, and thus blues and white are beside roses and leafy greens. Makes me dream of summer as winter has me hiding inside.
Hope all of you are warm and safe with dreams of growing things.
Thanks for all your support,