Hi everyone, 

sorry for the delay in the posts, we've been travelling from Slovakia to france on an epic journey to visit family, so first we went to brittany and now we're in south of france, all with a 30kg labrador who got sick on the train who stopped half way ending with 2 hours delay. I let you imagine....

Anyway I've left one studio to find another and keep juggling a bit of writing job with the art with the applications and the rest of life. 

I hope you guys are enjoying some summer break at least :)

I've been working on this island prototype before leaving and I had hoped to finish it but that was very unrealistic of me

It's reused sewn canvases, unstretched, and it is another dead Island (maybe you remember that painting I did maybe 9 months ago) but in different tones and slightly different composition

I'll have to finish it in September when we're back after we've fixed our baby doggy's leg ;)

Take care and thanks again for your support!