WIP: bout sketches
Apologies for the late post. ROLLER GRRRLS attended the Dublin International Comic Expo [DICE] in Dundrum at the weekend and had a great time there. The response [as always] was very positive and we loved meeting all our fans. This update contains sketches and layouts of the bouts. Always tricky to try to work out how best to choreograph an action scene and a derby bout is no different. The counter clockwise direction of the game does also throw up some sequential narrative problems: players in the background will be travelling right to left creating possible confusion to the reader. There are tricks to employ [camera placement and panel layouts] that will help but occasionally the wrong direction can be used. Enjoy these updates. ROLLER GRRRLS are heading to Nottingham this Saturday and then New York Comic Con the following week. Posts over the next two weeks will be erratic but hopefully enjoyable and informative.
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