WIP - Firalda shocked
I will be posting more of these here, as you may know I  post my Roses Will Rise's progress on Twitter under the hashtag #RosesWillRise (follow me there if you haven't! ). In time, once I'm past version 0.1.0 I will start showing more here for patrons and less there since I will begin showing more of the material that's potentially spoiler territory. So follow me there and you'll see the current stuff here too.

Here you see is one of the first regular portraits of Firalda, the main protagonists of the game. I may make this with two light sources since it will be used later. I hate this particular stage of the art since I'm working with layers of basic shapes that lack detail, it still needs to be done though. The steps after include:

  • Adding outlines and shading.
  • Refining the shapes more for the animation stage
  • Exporting the layers individually
  • Manually putting the layers on top of each other on Spine 2D and animate.

Unrelated to this, I might have to set up a new file for Roses in ren'py's new format to take advantage of the new GUI system has. I still haven't gotten around that but I'll have to see how I cant do that. It is mainly just to get the Arabic working since I plan to get that working too,