WIP it! WIP it GOOD!
Yeah, yeah. I know. That title. Sorrynotsorry though.  Here's why:

I am surrounded by WIPs (Works in Process for any confused). I have no fewer than 8 pieces surrounding me now in various states of completion. Honestly,  coming up with ideas has never been much of an issue. Focusing and Finishing however, well... we all have our demons. And currently mine need some serious wrestli- oh look something shiny! 

  See what I did there? SHINY? SEE? Ok, so it's possibly I've been too many days in the studio drawing and not talking to people. But it does help my segue.  The above piece is my next to be properly finished. It just requires a few minor cleanups, pushes and pulls  but she's 95% there.  If any of my $3 and up Patrons want first dibs- let me know! I will likely put her up for sale framed for around $800. 

I'm pretty proud of this lady. She's the largest watercolor I've attempted in this style (absorbent ground on board with gold leaf) at 9 x 12. Sure, in the grand scheme that isn't super big but I'm scaling in baby steps.  Next step is trying something around 16 x 20 I think.  I'm so excited to dive into larger sizes that it's really hard to not go out and jump in on a new piece right now BUT. This is exactly the problem. I really need to finish some of the other pieces on my queue first.  In fact, I've currently narrowed it down to two that I want to push forward on next: 

This one is  a warm up sketch that got out of hand. (You can watch get done it in real time here  and here . )

I really like the design and can see this translating into either an oil OR watercolor piece very easily. IS it the right design for a 16 x 20? No... I don't think so but probably a 9 x 12 easy.

Then there is this piece:

Fun,  sort of stream of conscious oil sketch that you can ALSO watch happen in real time here  and here .

It's a palette departure for me which is GOOD. Not everything has to be blue.  I see some fun experiments in glazing layers in the future for this piece.

Have thoughts? Questions?  Please share them in the comments! I would love to hear your feedback.  I may even do an official poll for my $5 and up tier to be a tie-breaker if it comes to it and I really don't want to decide myself. I did promise polls after all...  ;)

As always- thank you so much for your continued support.  



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