WIP: Kanon Darkstar: Unnamed Couch Fic 01

Title: Unnamed Couch Fic
Author: Harper Kingsley
Setting: Universe B/AU
Character: Kanon Darkstar
Summary: It's Darkstar's birthday. There's supposed to be a celebration. He decides to hang out at the Greater Hall while the preparations are being made. He meets Matthias.

There was a frown on Darkstar's face as he stared into the middle distance. The activity around him was subdued but efficient. His sudden appearance in their midst made them straighten their shoulders and try to present themselves at their best. Their attention was full upon him where he lounged on a couch in the otherwise bare section of the Greater Hall.

It would be forever imprinted on their minds. The sight of him walking through the wide double doors with a couch balanced on his left shoulder with one hand.

He'd looked around the room--32 staffers in various states of frozen, turned toward his gaussian blurred figure like flowers, or so the surveillance video commenters would later say--and settled the couch where his throne was later scheduled to be. He'd pulled a magazine out of his pocket and settled in a comfortable sprawl across all three cushions of the couch.

He'd quietly read while they worked around him, readying the room for the grand event scheduled for later in the evening. Chairs and tables were arranged according to strict design. The serving tables were brought out and hidden behind decorative screens. After a time the magazine had been folded and rested against his chest while his gaze had wandered and eventually seemed to settle on nothing.

The designer stood beside the couch, hands politely clasped together. His face was expressionless, but his eyes were focused on the brilliance before him. He was prepared to fulfill Darkstar's every whim.

He'd been the one to come up with the peacock theme that had been chosen from the thousands offered. He'd been allowed entrance into Darkstar's entourage for the past five days, which had involved lurking on the sidelines basking in the glow of Darkstar's presence.

The couch was later sold online.

After a small eternity that none of them wanted to end--1:45:32 of silence as shown by the video time stamp--Darkstar abruptly moved, his legs swinging in an elegant arc as he sat up. "What's your name?"

"M-M-Matthias, s-sir." The designer usually enjoyed a verbal prowess that others envied. At the moment, he felt like a fool, but he was helpless to control himself. Darkstar had completely overwhelmed his every sense.

"Well, Matthias, it's my birthday you know."

"Yes, sir, I know. Happy birthday." Matthias was glad that he didn't sound as frazzled as he still felt.

Darkstar was close enough to touch. It was Matthias' first time seeing him in person. And he was as beautiful as everyone said he was. More beautiful even.

"What do you think I should want for my birthday?" Darkstar asked. "What would you want if it was your birthday."

"You," Matthias said, then flushed. " I mean, you should ask for whatever you want. We can make it happen."

Darkstar's smile was a sly thing, and his finger wag went straight to Matthias' cock. "It's talk like that that gets people in trouble. Don't you know how birthdays work? Presents are supposed to be surprises on birthdays, otherwise it's just another day of people falling to their knees offering me all kinds of stuff."


"You're kind of cute, you know." Darkstar tilted his head, and it was so charming that Matthias could *feel* himself melting.

"Thank you," he said, or rather stammered. His nerves were *screaming* and his face felt like it was burning hot. He hoped he wasn't blushing as his skin tended to get blotchy.

"Why don't you come sit down?" Darkstar asked. He patted the couch cushion next to him. "I'll make room for you."

"Uh." Matthias' clothes felt tight and chaffing. He was sweating and his skin felt so hot. He nearly stumbled over his own feet crossing the floor and dropped onto the couch heavier than he would have liked. He felt gauche.

"Why are you so stiff?" Darkstar asked.

"I'm..." Matthias thought about lying, then wondered what lies he could possibly tell. He was way out of his depth paddling in a pool of shameless *want*. He decided the truth would be easiest, as he didn't think he could keep up with any lies. "I'm nervous being this close to you."

Darkstar's laugh was warm and touchable. "Honesty. I don't think I get enough of it in my life." He waved a hand toward nothing in particular. "Everyone wants to flatter me all the time. It makes it hard to know when I'm being an asshole."

"You could never..."

"Yeah I can. I'm really good at being an asshole. It's just my Charm that keeps me from being called out." Darkstar spread his arms wide over the back of the couch, incidentally curving his arm around Matthias' shoulder. Matthias could feel the heat of Darkstar's arm through the cloth of his shirt.

"You came up with all this?" Darkstar asked.

Matthias cleared his throat and swallowed. "The, uh, theme and general design. There's a whole staff of party planners that have been put together. They handle all the... stuff."

"So, you don't need to be here?" Darkstar asked.

Matthias licked his lips. If he moved his knee a few inches it would touch DS's leg. "My part is all done," he admitted. "Being here... It's a reward for a job well-done."

Darkstar looked around the Greater Hall. Matthias could see the movement of his eyes, blue gems behind the black of the kato mask. "It is really pretty. Like a fairy tale scene." His lips curved and he met Matthias' staring gaze. "Are you Cinderella to my Prince Charming? Or are you the prince to my princess?"

Matthias blushed. "I..." His breath caught.

Darkstar's laugh was a near touchable thing. It made Matthias' skin feel tight and hot.

Matthias was usually so self-assured about his place in the moment. But Darkstar... Was a presence flooding the air around, making it thick and hard to breathe. His Charm, that's what it was called, it was beyond anything Matthias had imagined. He could drown in it.

It was overwhelming in a way he'd never felt.

Before Darkstar, he felt callow and raw, his self-possession destroyed. All he felt was *yearning*. Desperate and pathetic, yet so *hopeful* that he wanted to beg and weep.

Darkstar was the sun blazing before him. The light he fed on. Something he needed to *live*.

The Charm was seeping into the whole of him, and he didn't want it to stop.

He should have been terrified, but he didn't want it to stop.

He wanted to wallow in Darkstar for all of his days. He would do anything to stay in this blazing light, this invisible sun that brought him to life.

"Breathe." Darkstar's voice was hot breath against his ear and a hand patting his shoulder three times--*one two three*--before stopping to rest there, a light weight that felt heavy enough to keep him anchored. He was pulled into that voice, to a place he never wanted to leave.

His imagination urged him to do crazy things. It wanted him to straddle Darkstar's leg, to be bold and inviting. To show Darkstar that he was willing and able to do anything to please the man as long as he got to feel like this forever.

"Shit, my Charm is hitting you real hard, isn't it?" Darkstar sounded regretful and Matthias wanted to weep apologies. It was only the tightness of his own throat that kept him from babbling and begging.

"Sorry about this," Darkstar said. "I used to be able to damp down my Charm before, but its gotten so big that... I don't get to hide who and what I am anymore. It doesn't want to ever shut off."

Darkstar was unhappy. Matthias wanted to whimper. "I'm sorry."

"What? You don't have to be sorry. It's not your fault my Charm has dropped your IQ down to double-digits." He made to get up. "I think I should leave you alone. This isn't good for you."

"N-no!" Matthias caught Darkstar's arm before he could leave. It felt like steel covered in a flesh padding under his hand; his fingers flexed and explored the feel of it. "I don't want you to leave."

Darkstar sat back down, but he gently drew his arm away from Mathias and crossed his arms over his lap. "Sometimes I can't help being overwhelming. It... It hurts some people, but it feels so good for them at the same time that they don't want to stay away even though they should. I don't want to hurt people like that. I don't want to hurt you like that."

"Y-you're not hurting me," Matthias forced out. He still felt overwhelmed, but he had to fight through it or this once in a lifetime opportunity was going to be gone forever. The chances of him ever being around Darkstar again were laughably slim. He *couldn't* lose this chance.


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