WIP - my new Explorable Explanation!
My neurons' cycle of anxiety, featuring The Lizard Brain as a hyperactive baby dinosaur named Chompy: http://i.imgur.com/rVSaloq.gif So my next explorable is about the brain. Learn about learning. You'll play with a model of neurons using Hebb's Rule ("cells that fire together, wire together") and virtually re-create the Pavlov's Dog and Skinner Box experiments! I also show how to use classical & operant conditioning for *good*, and how they're applied in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I'm also mixing in a personal story about my struggles with anxiety, to give readers a reason to *care* about how their mind works. Coz if you don't mind your mind, you end up a nervous wreck like me. . . . Speaking of Explorables, I'll be at the Games For Change Festival at New York University next week! I'm showing off Parable of the Polygons there, since it's a finalist this year for Most Innovative. Yay! I say it a lot, but - thank you so, so much for supporting me. For believing in me and/or your perception of me. I'd like to find some way to thank you in this next explorable! Maybe a list of names in the addendum, or for a lottery for a drawn cameo, or voting on upcoming explorables. More details on this later! Playfully Yours, ~ Nicky Case