WIP: pre-bout layouts.
Hello, Again. Here is another sneak peek of the layouts for ROLLER GRRRLS. From the script I pace out the pages to see how the story flows. Normally that means I crop close in to the characters and see how best the body language works. The opportunity to change the view comes at the pencil stage [occasionally pulling back to better establish a scene or background character interaction] These layouts prove very helpful and ultimately important for the pacing of the narrative, both visually and sequentially. There are still some changes done even at this stage so nothing is absolutely set in stone but there will be enough shown here to follow and mostly end up in the comic. Additional background details can be annotated in the margins to correct/change in the pencils. So far this scene is working well. Enjoy the layouts. Comments welcome and we hoep you enjoy this wee background WIP. More to follow in a few days! Best Gary