WIP sketch and a note
Yo, I've been terrible at putting up extra stuff here lately, and I'm sorry for that. Here's something I've been meaning to work on but haven't gotten very far with it. Mostly a promotional extra type image thing. Anyway, I wanted to say that until at least the end of September, I'm going to be very busy with school work. I'm finishing up college and have been very busy lately and that workload is likely to keep picking up. Things also haven't been going very well in most other areas of my life right now and it's just the oh-so-loveliest coincidence that they're all happening at the same time. I know I never have been really good at putting up extra content stuff here, but I will hopefully be able to do more of that once October rolls around. I have some things I started that I just can't finish now which are one or two iotas more interesting than sketches. There are currently no plans to go back to one-a-week schedules for the moment, though it is a possibility if things get worse. Thanks for supporting me and the comic, and sorry I haven't been holding up my end as well as it could be.