I sketched this out back in May apparently (I can't even remember, it felt longer ago than that) I remembered it today as I was working on a commission and proceeded to waste about an hour of my life looking for it. 

Upon starting this illustration, I was in the midst of experimenting with new, more realistic styles. I wanted to push my skills as an illustrator. 

The proportions are a little off (they've always been my weakpoint) and definitely need some fixing as I get back to it. 

On top of that, I've never really drawn non human entities besides the odd dog or cat so the zergling is going to be an interesting challenge as well as the gun. I absolutely detest drawing guns. 

As some of you can guess, this is an illustration of my persona; Spectre in her Starcraft universe. 

Really looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

PS: I'm going to be posting up some public posts here and there so people know what's going to go on about here.