WIP: Toy Town 2

Toy Town 2 is a spin-off of MFCG, a 3D visualizer of maps generated by the city generator. In contrast with the original Toy Town, it doesn't generate anything, it only builds 3D models from imported data. This way I can develop two applications independently (to some extent).

The current version is pretty limited - the buildings are displayed as simple untextured prisms, some objects are not displayed at all (greens, piers). I don't know how much more detailed I want the scenes to be (what do you think?), probably at the very least I'll have to implement gable roofs. But comparing to "Toy Town 1" this thing is much faster and smoother.

I also tried to implement elevation, to project maps on curved hilly surfaces. There are many issues to deal with, but still I like how resulting images look and I think I'll continue to work in this direction.

I'm going to release Toy Town 2 in its current rough shape quite soon, somewhere in the first half of January and continue improving it from there. I don't know if anybody needs it, but at least it's fun to play with even if useless :)

This is the last post in this year, so it's time to thank all of you for the support and wish you great holidays! Happy New Year! 🥂

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