(WIP) Working on more snow levels! (Snow_2)
My goal is to finish all 8 levels of the snow land this week! I will be doing about 2 snow levels a day starting now. After I finish that my goals will be:

1) Polish up a new demo of the game for demo day 10. (first world easter world again but less bugs and more polish). (Which will be done this month and ready for DL). 

2) Polish up the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th world, add in two player local co-op, fix the bosses, and release that as early access on itch. (and to those of you that are donating 10 or more to my patreon). (which will probably be done before the end of next month). 

3) Release that early access and get to work on the last 4 worlds, battle mode, finding playtesters to test the full game, and adding transition stages.

I'm hoping that if I keep updating the early access version of the game I will keep getting enough feedback that will make the game polished enough for the final full retail release on steam etc.