This includes a few images not contained in my recent Tumblr update, and this will be typical of future uploads, because hell, thanks for following/contributing over here! And the cherry on top are the following captions I'm taking extra time and effort to craft.

A. This is a new one. Never seen a creature like that before, although it definitely looks like it fits in my internal mythos. Welcome to the team, comrade.

B. Room V is in the works. I was hesitent to call it this, as I thought I was done with this theme via Rooms I-IV, but the musings that resulted in these small spaces haven't subsided, so rooms are still under construction. 

C. It seems as though the potted plant creatures have grown up to lead the way for new offspring. Plant creatures a la Huun have -cropped up- hehe, in the wake of all my plant purchases as of recent. Celebrating the addition of plants in my life with these odd plantoid Huun sprites, usually present in the above mentioned Rooms. 

D. We are entering dream territory. This astral being came to me in a dream of particular and noteworthy vibes, the kind of dream that carries an important message that seems external and urgent. I shared the dream with an ex-friend, and if I can muster the courage to dig it up I will share, as this is not the last time you will see iterations of this beast.

E. Amporhous Huun. This is a tribute to her genesis some 15 years ago. Curious as to why this appeared now, but I supposed hard times calls for remembering where I came from... and where she came from. 

F. Green Door I: As probably all of you know, I was hit by a car this week. Let me tell you, the most vivid thing about the moment of impact was the green door I was thrown into and through. It just screamed in my head, "GREEN DOOR!" And it was as if it was only me and the door that existed at that key moment. Before was the screeching of the tires, me noticing, with a quick glance over my shoulder the horror to come, and after, a broken beam and brick beside me and giant panes of glass rendered to shards on either side, fixated on the dog I was walking before and after. If that door hadn't been exactly there, and swung open to the inside, and if it hadn't been hinged on the right, I'd be telling a different story, if I would be able to tell one at all. In addition, a decently executed front break fall helped, as did almost two years of drilling it at my DZR jujitsu dojo. I'm eternally grateful for my training. As of now I am recovering from physical and mental injuries sustained. 

G. Huun effigy. More on that, and Huun, in the future. I feel it's pretty self explanatory if you know even a fraction of what Huun is to me. 

H. Bird Demon. This is a recurring creatured based on a dream. This is how I remember it: A humanoid bird deity, with a floating, disembodied, dinosaur corpse of a head for a tail encountered a young healer girl who came to its aid. She was trying to heal the creature, and all the while the bird deity was holding back its tail/head, keeping it from mauling the girl. I thought it was a fun mini story my brain whipped up, so I kept drawing these creatures. I have been drawing them on and off for years, when the mood strikes. I must have been around 15-16 when I had the dream. 

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