A Wish for Wings #261
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AWFW #261
“Sometimes what you think is an end is only a beginning."

Comics are still delayed until July.  I was able to get this one, which has been mostly finished, out today.  I really think I've fumbled this storyline due to the stops and starts.  There was a bit more to this story (It seems as if Andrea is being led by the nose for most of it, when originally it was a team effort, if a little strained), but as the delays got bigger and bigger over time, I cut things to move them along to make up for the delay.  In the end, I don't think this Very Important Plot Development...well..."Developed."  At least not correctly. :/

Seeing as this was an out of the blue post, and that comics are STILL delayed until July, there's no charge for this comic (although no High Def version either).  Comics will return in July.