Wishing for the Stars (a short movie) production is launched

Finally, I made it to the point, which I have been dreaming to get to for 20 years. From the beginning of 2000's when I started to learn video editing, CG and video production, through working on TV, making commercials, going fully freelance, organizing full video production and post-production cycle, doing post-production for TV-series and cinema, I am finally here to make my own first movie.

I’ve got the screenplay and the animatic of my short film. I also have a bunch of people on board ready to help me make the magic happen. Not much but it's more than I've ever had. And I'll do my best to make it grow to the ultimate piece of art. Today is the day we launch our project.

On this journey I'll need more people, money and tools, for sure. But I already have the required minimum, and the rest of the needed support I will keep looking for. However, I don’t want to get this support “at any cost”. I won't add silly commercials or any inept ideas to get to someone with the wallet. I highly appreciate any creative self-expression, I will be looking forward to opportunities and assistance, but I won't change the course to please anyone if that can harm my story.

This is a long and tough way to go, but at the same time, it’s very interesting and exciting! As for you I kindly ask you to help me just a bit by telling others about this project. There is a list of links down below — sharing this post or any of these links can help make this project move a little bit faster, than if you just “passed by”.

Thank you! I’ll keep you updated about the progress — stay in touch! :-)

https://www.facebook.com/wishingforthestarsmovie — official Facebook page for project news and media publishing

https://vk.com/wishingforthestarsmovie — official VKontakte group for project news and media publishing

https://t.me/wishingforthestarsmovie — Telegram newsfeed channel (some minor stuff may also be published there)

https://www.patreon.com/iceblack — this page (with single $1 tier for anyone) — all news + w.i.p. stuff will be published here