Witch Alert System
When I did Nampa Festival of the Arts last month, a wonderful girl at my booth was suddenly distracted by the sound of crows cawing. She said they were letting us know that a witch was nearby. I was elated! A Witch Alert System! 

A couple days ago when I walked outside, a couple dozen crows were clamoring next to the driveway. Of course my first though was, Witch Alert! The Intelligentsia is out!

Today I walked out to get the mail, and another cauldron of crows were swirling in front of the house. Where is this witch? 

 Crow Symbolism  

Then it dawned on me, Am I the witch? Of course, they've come to tell on me! 

They've been following me my whole life starting with their little performance after the disappearance of my Sea Captain Ghost.  (For those of you who don't know, I've told this story before, and I will never tire of it. I love my Sea Captain Ghost. When I was very small, my mom left me in my infant baby seat on the porch while she and her friend were in the yard. When she turned to look at me, a man was sitting next to me rocking my seat. He was dressed like an old time sea captain. She said I was looking at him smiling. When she started yelling and running to the porch, he disappeared. Though she said I seemed perfectly content, it terrified her. She grabbed me jumped in the truck and drove away. When she looked back, crows were inside the screened porch.) Little do they know, witch or not, the fact that I walk a different path is public knowledge. I trade in weird. But if the crows were in fact just trying to tell me something today, they didn't get very far before two hawks flew right over my head and moved them away from me. 

Hawk Symbolism 

I always like to read about animal symbolism. There are many good books on it. "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews has always been one of my favorites. Just to add a little magic to your day, have some fun and poke around on sites like What's Your Sign when an animal crosses your path. There are so many little sparks that happen. For instance, crows are considered Memory Keepers, and I just spent the last week living with the ghosts of my ancestors while putting together my Family Tree! These little things make life so much more interesting!

Enjoy your walk on the Witchy Side! And I hope the next time you hear crows cawing, you think of the Witch Alert System!