The Witch is Dead - Preview

Hello! I'm happy to announce the title of (and let you take a sneak peek at) my next game: THE WITCH IS DEAD. The pitch is in the image above; it's a murder revenge fantasy in which you are one of a group of foul-mouthed intelligent animals with magical powers.

Except - you're not that intelligent. You only know what the witch taught you about the human world. You don't have opposable thumbs.  The magic spells you've learned are intended for light housekeeping duties, not brutal revenge killings on armed witch hunters. But you've got a job to do. Time to kill.

THE WITCH IS DEAD will be released to patrons next week, or maybe the week after, I'm not quite sure because I have to go to Norwich for a bit. The week after THAT I'll release it publicly.

If you want a super strictly-limited edition on nice paper signed and numbered with an entire never-released-online second setting on the back of the sheet (in which malevolent demons attempt to undertake basic household tasks and end up killing everyone by "accident") then you can back at the $15 level and totally get that.

- G

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