Witchbook Logo Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Okay, I needed a break from all the Stardew Valley cross stitches. So I decided to stitch something from another Chucklefish game that I'm SUPER excited about. 

If you haven't heard yet, Chucklefish is working on a 'magic school' game with inspiration from Harry Potter, Little Witch Academia, the Old Kingdom series, and so forth. As well as gaming influences like Stardew Valley and Legend of Zelda.

Not much is known about it yet, but we do have an official name and a logo with some absolutely stunning colors. I just had to stitch it!

I'm hoping to send it to Chucklefish studios themselves as a thank you for letting me be part of their publishing process in even a small way. I helped beta test and build the wikis for Wanderlust Adventures, Interstellaria, and Stardew Valley. I even got an early copy of Treasure Adventure World, though I'm simply awful at platformers. ;)

If it weren't for those experiences, I likely wouldn't be knee deep in publishing the official Stardew Valley cross stitch pattern book. I'll be forever grateful for the opportunities I've had, and this is the least I can do to give back.

WitchBrook may be a long way off at this point, but it certainly shows a lot of promise and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I leave the pattern here for any you to stitch up if you like. Whether that be now, or when it comes out and we're drowning in the hype surrounding its launch.

What little sneak peeks of the game art lead me to believe I'll be stitching up a storm closer to launch! Though I learned my lesson from my first Abigail cross stitch - I'll try and wait till sprites have been finalized before stitching them ;)

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