The Witch's House『Friend』【暗黒】
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  • My undying love as well as access to the folder where I will post covers in progress, things I never uploaded on YouTube, etc - basically anything I haven't finished yet or was too insecure to share on my channel - old recording, new ones, maybe even songs I've been writing translyrics to in secret.
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  • You'll be able to vote on the songs you want me to cover next! I will also mention you in the description of each video you support (I'll need you to send me message with the link to whatever site you're on if you would like that)
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  • Access to mp3s with my newest covers before they're uploaded as well as early acces to my videos
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  • I will be happy to cover any song you'd like (in English, Japanese or Polish) dedicated to you and you only! It doesn't have to be Vocaloid or anime, just pay in mind that my range has its limits, so if a song is something I can't pull off, we can think of a different one together or - you can just send me a list of few songs you'd like to hear me sing and I can pick one which I'll think will turn out best! I would like to give you something decent and not a half-assed cover, since you would be doing something special for me and I would like to pay you back with something special too. If the song of your choosing is heavily copyrighted I may need to upload it on Soundcloud instead of YouTube or - in the worst case scenario – send it to you privately if it gets taken down on Soundcloud too. 
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  • I will die happy and have your name written on my tombstone. okay, jk.
  • I will send you a handwritten thank you letter with a huge lollipop in the envelope full of love (unless you can't have candy then I will think of something else). Shipping address required.
  • I can mix 3 songs of your choosing for you. It can be 3 songs at once, 1 per month or 1 song in a month and the other one in a year - it's all up to you! I might take some time to finish your mixes since I want to make sure I will do it as well as I can. I will make sure to update you on the progress and I'll do what I can to finish ASAP. :)
    +all of the above
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